The Lunney Museum is dedicated to serving all members of the Seneca  Community.



The Lunney Museum is a vital contributor to the cultural community of Seneca, South Carolina by preserving and interpreting the Lunney House, the grounds, structures and narratives for the cultural education of a diverse group of visitors and local community members. Through event programming, exhibits and educational tours, the Lunney Museum interprets the story of the Lunney Family and the Lunney House, in the context of the lifestyles of Seneca residents in the early 20th century and their associations with the remainder of small towns in the rural south during that time.



The Lunney Museum in Seneca, South Carolina, strives to be a community focused museum by providing educational and cultural events/programs that provide entertaining and intellectually engaging content. The Lunney Museum will be a home for the community, and will function as a place for its visitors to become acquainted with the history of Seneca and the surrounding areas by:


Providing a safe venue for educational and cultural events and programs


Maintaining the grounds and structures so that they meet national museum standards 


Providing educational content focused on the history of Seneca, the Lunney Family/Home, and rural southern culture



Contributing to the community by providing museum space for community organized events and meetings


"A museum should never be finished, but boundless and ever in motion."

— Goethe

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Lunney Museum was built in 1909 by its original residents Dr. William J. & Lilian Mason Lunney. The House is a 1909 Queen Anne style “California” bungalow. The property features a carriage house and "two-seater" outhouse. The arts and crafts interior of the museum features art glass windows, original chandeliers, long leaf pine woodwork, a quarter-sawn oak mantel, English fireplace tiles, and flat panel wainscot with burlap inserts.

Dr. William John Lunney began his pharmaceutical career with Dr. Mitchell of Westminster, South Carolina. He later moved to Seneca where he established the Lunney Drug Store and was the active head for 40 years. In 1889 he married Lilian Mason, the daughter of Col. R. E. Mason. The couple had one son, Victor, who died at the age of 4 years. Dr. Lunney died at the age of 63 in 1929. Mrs. Lilian M. Lunney continued to live in the home until her death in 1969. Mrs. Myra Mason Lindemann donated the house and property as a museum to Oconee County (SC) in 1970. The Museum was transferred to the City of Seneca in 2009.


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